The LiSyM-Cancer network is led by the coordinators and co-coordinators of the consortia (leadership team), the program management and data management. The network is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Data Management

The Data Management ensures the flow of data, data exchange and data backup within the consortia and across the network according to the FAIR criteria: Findability – Accessibility –Interoperability – Reusability. The Data Management team supports the researchers with training, software, the provision and maintenance of various, demand-oriented data exchange platforms as well as ethical & legal advice.

PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller


Picture of PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Dr. Olga Krebs

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Dr. Maja Rey

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Scientific Advisory Board

The international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for LiSyM-Cancer has been implemented, to advise the research network on strategic issues, to observe the network activities and to participate in the discussions on results and further target planning as well as to support the preparation of development plans. The SAB will also advise LiSyM-Cancer on the rapid translation of the obtained scientific results into clinical applications.

The SAB meets at least once a year and participates in annual network meetings. An exchange of views also takes place in personal communication to support the LiSyM-Cancer network in the preparation of development plans and other important documents for strategic planning. SAB members also support the annual LiSyM-Cancer Young Scientists Retreat – the meeting of all PhD students and Postdocs of the network with workshops, lectures, and professional advice

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Kulms

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Stelling

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Prof. Dr. Maria Sibilia

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Prof. Dr. Paul Monga

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Prof. Dr. Peter ten Dijke

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Prof. Dr. Rebecca G. Wells

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schneider

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Prof. Dr. Ron Heeren

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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Gössling

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