Prof. Dr. Dirk Drasdo

Pic of Prof. Dr. Dirk Drasdo

Head of the group for “Multi-cellular Systems Biology” co-localized at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics, University of Leipzig, Germany and IfADo, Dortmund.

c-tip-hcc Co-Coordinator

Role in LiSyM-Caner

  • Co-coordinator and project leader in C-TIP-HCC

Expertise Dirk Drasdo's main research topic is modeling of multi-cellular tissue organization. He established center-based models of growing tissues in various applications. In these models cells are mimicked as individual agents, parameterized by measurable biophysical and biokinetic parameters. More recently he and his group established a process chain parameterizing single-cell-based tissue models out of image data in collaboration with the group of J.G. Hengstler (IfaDo). With a modeling guided experimental strategy they were able to predict a previously unrecognized order mechanism during liver regeneration and very recently to deduce the necessity for an ammonia sink mechanism after drug induced liver damage which subsequently could be identified.

Before his position as “Directeur de Recherche” (1st class, research institution - equivalent of a full professor position) at INRIA he has hold a faculty position at the Mathematics Dept. and the Center for Systems Biology at University of Warwick, UK, and research associate positions at the Max-Planck-Institutes for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, and Colloid and Interface Science in Golm, as well as at the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology at the Medical Faculty of Leipzig University; he has a habilitation in Computer Science (University of Leipzig), a PhD in Physics (MPI for Biophys. Chemistry and Univ. of Göttingen), and master degree in Physics from the RWTH Aachen. He has been or is PI in several EU as well as national German or French projects on tissue organisation.