PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Pic of PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Head of Research Group – Scientific Databases and Visualisation (SDBV) – Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies HITS gGmbH, Heidelberg

dm Coordinator

Role in LiSyM-Caner

  • Project leader Data Management

Wolfgang Müller studied physics and computer science to diploma level, followed by a doctoral thesis about searching images by their visual similarity and a habilitation on search in distributed systems. After a brief stay in industry, rewriting a large public-facing web application, he joined the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS gGmbH, a private, not-for-profit research institute) as group leader of the Scientific Databases and Visualisation Group (SDBV).

The SDBV is an interdisciplinary group whose research and development is concerned with diverse flavors of management of scientific data. SDBV is responsible for the data management within LiSyM-Cancer. It is the German part of FAIRDOM, a transnational data and model management project, and part of the de.NBI-SysBio, the systems biology part of the German Network for Bioninformatics Infrastructure. For these large-scale projects SDBV develops together with its collaboration partners the SEEK platform, a system for exchanging and storing data, models and other information in Systems Biology. SDBV members are active in the data management (GI/GMDS), biocuration (ISB) and bio data standards (STRENDA, COMBINE) communities.

LiSyM-Cancer data management is coordinated by Wolfgang Müller, and is based on the FAIRDOM SEEK, openBIS, OMERO, interfacing with REDCap (running in Leipzig), and openBIS (running at DKFZ). It is building on the achievements and lessons learned within the Virtual Liver and LiSyM Networks.