PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Pic of PD Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Head of Research Group – Scientific Databases and Visualisation (SDBV) – Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies HITS gGmbH, Heidelberg

dm Coordinator

Role in LiSyM-Caner

  • Coordinator of Data Management


  • Responsible for overseeing the implementation of various platforms and tools, including FAIRDOM SEEK, Nextcloud, OMERO, REDCap, and openBIS
  • Research and development in scientific data management
  • Coordination of large-scale data and model management projects (FAIRDOM and de.NBI-SysBio)
  • Development of the SEEK platform for exchanging and storing data, models, and information in Systems Biology
  • Active involvement in the data management (GI/GMDS), biocuration (ISB), and bio data standards (STRENDA, COMBINE) communities


  • Habilitation on search in distributed systems
  • PhD in the field of searching images by their visual similarity
  • Diploma in physics and computer science

Professional Experience

  • Group leader of the Scientific Databases and Visualisation Group (SDBV) at Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies (HITS)
  • Brief stay in industry: rewrote a large public-facing web application