Program and Data Management

The essential goal of the Program Directorate and Management is to enable and support network collaborations across the projects. Synergies between the consortia are mediated to ensure achievement of the working plans. The Project and Communications Management Team works closely with the Program Director, SAB, and Network Coordinators to facilitate the successful implementation of the program and the publication and usability of the results.

A trustworthy exchange of data is indispensable and includes compliance with data protection regulations which is facilitated and organized by a central, super-ordinate data management system. For optimal collaboration the program management and data management are combined.

The data management team ensures the flow of data, data exchange and data backup within the consortia and across the network according to the FAIR criteria: Findability – Accessibility –Interoperability – Reusability. The Data Management team supports the researchers with training, software, the provision and maintenance of various, demand-oriented data exchange platforms as well as ethical & legal advice.

The data architecture uses the following systems:

  • FAIRDOM SEEK for sharing scientific data and publications
  • The open source NextCloud for fast sharing of semi-structured big data
  • OMERO for sharing image data
  • openBIS for near-lab sharing of data and metadata
  • REDCap for patient data.