Prof. Dr. Johannes Bode

Pic of Prof. Dr. Johannes Bode

Deputy Director – Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Infectiology – University Hospital Düsseldorf

Role in LiSyM-Cancer

  • Project leader in C-TIP-HCC
  • Data and samples from time resolved preclinical WD mouse models of MASLD/NAFLD, MASH/NASH, fibrosis, cirrhosis and HCC, Co-cultivation models, IF and multicolor flow-cytometry analysis, FACS-based cell sorting, ncounter nanostring technology and single cell sequencing including “CITE-Technology”
  • Contributes HCC tissue samples and provides access to a biobank with serum, plasma and blood cells from liver disease patients


  • Expert in clinical, translational and experimental Hepatology, focus on hepato-immunology
  • Clinical specialisations
  • Gastroenterology, hepatology, liver cirrhosis & complications
  • TIPS and sonographically controlled interventions
  • Diagnostic and interventional endoscopy
  • Research specialisations
  • Liver regeneration
  • NAFLD & NASH and hepatobiliary tumours
  • Innate Immunity, Macrophages & macrophage polarization, Acute phase response
  • Pathogen-host interaction