LiSyM-Cancer Scientist Retreat

LiSyM-Cancer Scientist Retreat
Bad Staffelstein, Germany

What’s behind Tipping points, Crosstalk, Barriers, and Digital twins?

Around 40 scientists from all three consortia in LiSyM-Cancer and across disciplines met at the beautiful venue Kloster Banz in Bad Staffelstein to exchange on their projects, discuss the future of the network, hear about startups and industry, and train science communication. We are looking forward to seeing the discussions being continued in the next weeks at various meetings across groups!

By the way, the researchers explore signatures that can work as barriers to prevent the tipping of liver diseases to clinical liver cancer. Experimentalists in our network study the crosstalk between liver cell types as well as signal transduction pathways. The modelers use computational approaches and one aim is to establish a digital twin version of a human liver.

Poster Session